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We certainly understand your concerns about how much it costs to file bankruptcy. Unfortunately, due to the many changes in the bankruptcy law that occurred in 2005, the cost of filing for bankruptcy has increased. We strive to keep our fees reasonable without it affecting our customer service.

Generally our flat fees are as follows:

Our initial consult is free and is done over the phone.

The first appointment, called the "pre-bankruptcy screening", costs $295, and full credit is given towards the final bankruptcy fee, outlined below.  This appointment is generally done via a web conference with Attorney Cutaia and lasts approximately 2 hours.

Chapter 7:

$1295.00 for an individual or joint Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  This does not include the filing fee of $338, which you can pay in three monthly installments after your bankruptcy has been filed.

Chapter 13:

In a Chapter 13, most of the attorney fees are paid AFTER you file your bankruptcy petition, through your Bankruptcy Plan.  We charge $4,500 for an individual or joint Chapter 13 bankruptcy, with $1295 due in advance.  The filing fee of $313 can be paid in three monthly installments after you file. &nbsp

Remember - you get credit for the first $295 you pay towards the total fee in either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

The above information is very general and once you have your initial consult we will send you a fee agreement specific to your case.  There are at times additional fees and costs, which will be outlined in your written fee agreement.  We charge additional fees for postage, credit pulls, and service costs in Chapter 13 cases, and inquiry letters from the US Trustee  as well as Motions to Avoid Liens in Chapter 7 cases.

Please note that there is also a fee for the bankruptcy counseling you must obtain, which is paid directly to the counseling agency. We do not receive any of the funds paid to the counseling agency or any of the filing fee paid to the Court.

These fees are effective January 1, 2022 and are are subject to change. Our fee agreement is the official statement of our fees and we will provide that to you after your initial free consult, or you can request it at any time before that by emailing us or texting us.