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The bankruptcy court will allow most people to pay their filing fee in installments of up to four months - and you don't have to pay until AFTER you file your bankruptcy.  Here are instructions on how to pay:

Your installment payment plan is, as follows. Payments are due any time that month and you can pay it off early if you want.

Payment 1, in the amount of $100, is due 30 days after you file.
Payment 2, in the  amount of $100, is due 60 days after you file.
Payment 3, in the amount of $135 if you are a Chapter 7 or $110 if you are a Chapter 13, is due 90 days after you file.
Mail your payments here:
US Bankruptcy Court
Ronald Reagan Federal Building  
228 Walnut Street Rm 320
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Here is the phone number for the Clerk's office: 717-901-2800 (in case you have questions and want to call the clerk - they are very nice)
Checks are NOT accepted by the clerk unfortunately, so it has to be a money order.  You will get a receipt in the mail about 7 days after you make your payment.
Make your money order out to the Clerk of the US Bankruptcy Court.
Be sure to put your case number on the money order.
*** Important Note:  If you don't pay off the filing fee, you won't get your discharge and your case could get dismissed altogether.  If you need more time to pay, contact me immediately as I can sometimes get an extension).