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You are behind in your mortgage and have already been served with a foreclosure complaint by the mortgage company.  You think all hope is lost and you get a letter in the mail, from your mortgage company, telling you that you qualify for a loan modification.  The letter instructs you to send three trial payments to the mortgage company and the letter gives you a specific address of where to send the payments.

Before you send anyone any money, call your mortgage company - using the phone number on your statement, not on the letter - and confirm that the loan modification offer is real.

Some debtors have been the victims of fake loan modification scams, where they send their trial payments not to the mortgage company, but to some scam artist.

Be careful with anything you get in the mail that you have not requested, or that has a different address or phone number on it for your bank than is on your other documents. A foreclosure lawsuit is a public document and there are scam artists that troll the public records looking for victims.  They can get quite a bit of information about your mortgage by the foreclosure complaint alone.

If you have questions about your mortgage foreclosure, or a loan modification offer you have received, contact us at Pugh & Cutaia, PLLC and we can help you figure out your options.